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Welcome to 5 Elements Wing Tsun Kung Fu  Oradea!


         Dai Si-Kung Török Róbert and  Si - Fu Mohácsi Imre



               Training 5 Elements Wing Tsun Kung Fu in Oradea

1. Quick and easy to learn


2. It does not require any special physical strength or flexibility


3. Jacki Chan and Bruce Lee in this fighting system is selected


4. 7-77 years are exercised


5. Longered  tha active age


6. Chance to defeat a stronger opponent


7. Worldwide unified curriculum and examination requirements


8. The FBI, the Bundeswehr, the Hungarian Police, the Customs and Excise Armats  training plays a role in

Training sessions every Wednesday and Friday in Oradea at  Mihai Eminescu School sports hall of the Roman Ciorogariu street at number 18, 18.30 am

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Oradea pe

Street Roman Ciorogariu nr.18



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